395 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN304 NEW YORK, 10 May 1949



Australian-Indian resolution [1] deferring the question of Indonesia to 4th session was passed by 42 to 6 (4 abstentions).

Romulo persisted with his ruling that the resolution was a motion for adjournment and applied rule 105. [2] The Soviet group expressed disagreement with this ruling, but did not move motion of dissension. India as joint proposer, Canada and Pakistan spoke in favour and U.S.S.R. and Ukraine against, the two latter at considerable length on the substance, despite the efforts of the Chairman. A number of Delegations explained their vote and we then took the opportunity to make a short statement, expressing particularly the role of the Commission in The Hague talks.

1 See Document 387.

2 Rule 105 states that '[d]uring the discussion of any matter, a representative may move the adjournment of the debate on the item under discussion. In addition to the proposer of the motion, two representative may speak in favour of, and two against, the motion, after which the motion shall be immediately put to the vote.'

[AA : A1838, 401/3/1/1, vi]