392 Jamieson to Pearson

Letter OTTAWA, 10 May 1949

In the absence of the High Commissioner [1], I have the honour to inform you that, in a communication recently received, the Australian Government intimated its reactions to the Agreement [2] between The Netherlands and the Indonesian Republican Government recently reached at Batavia for terms of a preliminary settlement for restoration of the Republican Government in Djokjakarta.

The Australian Government regards the Agreement with satisfaction though it is not disposed to be unduly optimistic in view of present difficulties and possible delays before the proposed Hague Conference takes place. Nevertheless, in the view of the Government, the Agreement implies a firm commitment on the part of the Netherlands Government to carry through negotiations with a view to final settlement. Expedition of the implementation of this Agreement and of the subsequent negotiations at The Hague will rest with the United Nations Commission and, in the opinion of the Australian Government, it will be the duty of this body to ensure that public opinion throughout the world is kept fully informed of progress.

My Government inclines to the view that the General Assembly, when considering the Indonesian question as an Agenda item, should agree without comment to hold the question over until the next Session. This would avoid unprofitable discussion and ensure reconsideration of the item in September, when the implementation of the present Agreement and progress towards a final settlement can be fully reviewed.

Since receipt of the above communication, information has been received that a joint motion proposed by India and Australia at Lake Success embodies the above views. It is understood that this motion will be discussed today.

1 F.M. Forde.

2 See Documents 376 and 385.

[AA : A3100/1, G49/124]