365 Cutts to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K299 BATAVIA, 16 April 1949, 7.25 p.m.


At this morning's meeting Roem submitted a working paper [1] on the restoration of Republican Government to Djokjakarta which expressly invokes section four (F) as well as section two of the operative parts of the 28th January resolution. [2] Main points provide as follows:-

(a) withdrawal of the Netherlands Army, police and civil administration from areas to be restored;

(b) return of the municipality of Djokjakarta and its immediate environs, including Maguwo air field and Kaliurang, actual transfer to take three days.

(c) restoration in three consecutive phases to be completed within fourteen days.

(d) a local cease-fire order through the Residency before transfer;

(e) a preliminary period of two weeks before actual transfer during which detailed arrangements would be made by a 'preparatory Commission' composed of representatives of both parties and of U.N.C.I.

(f) full powers for Sultan of Djokjakarta to act on behalf of the Republic 'on all matters connected with the preparation and execution of the transfer'. The Sultan will continue to exercise command over Security organs after transfer until cessation decided by Republican Government;

(g) a police force of 1,200 men for city and environs and an additional 1,300 for remainder;

(h) provision of equipment for police and other equipment and materials (including food, textiles et cetera) of which lists will be submitted;

(i) free traffic (except in fire arms) between city and surrounding country to ensure city's food supplies;

(j) supply routes connecting Djokjakarta with Solo, Magelang, Karanganjar and possible Tjepu;

(k) Republic currency, pending an overall settlement, to be legal tender of Republic, though there would be no prohibition of the use of N.E.I. currency and no determination of a rate of exchange between N.E.I. and O.R.I.

2. Van Royen stated that he required time for his Delegation to consider the Republic Working paper before expressing views thereon.

3. Van Royen then made a short statement regarding new sections 208 and 209 of the Netherlands Constitution and their hearing on completeness of Sovereignty to be transferred to U.S.I. He made it clear that the Netherlands do not intend to seek at round table conferenence or negotiations that Union be given power to interfere with internal administration of either of the Parties.

4. Conference adjourned to Tuesday morning April 19th. Van Royen is spending weekend in mountains. Will you please telegraph this telegram Critchley at Singapore.

1 The text of the Republican Working Paper on the restoration Government to Djokjakarta is given in Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatien, Officiele Bescheiden Betreffende de Nederlands- Indonesische Betrekkingen 1945-1950, Volume 18, The Hague, 1993, pp.397-9.

2 Document 168.

[AA : A1838, 403/2/2/2, vii]