361 High Commission in New Delhi to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 282 NEW DELHI, 13 April 1949, 3.30 p.m.

Our 281. [1] Following is text of draft resolution.

'The Representatives of Afghanistan, Australia, Burma, Ceylon, China, Egypt, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Siam and India recommend to their respective Governments:

(a) that, in the event of no agreement being reached in Batavia in the course of the meetings to be held under the Security Council's directive [2] of the 23rd March between the representatives of the Dutch and Republican Governments under the auspices of the United Nations Commission, each member Government of the United Nations instruct its Delegation to the current session of the United Nations Assembly to condemn the deliberate failure of the Dutch to give effect to the Council's Resolution [3] of 28th January and (b) that each Government here represented examine actively a recommendation to the Security Council (i) that economic sanctions be applied against the Dutch and (ii) that all transit facilities by land, sea or air be denied to the Dutch in or over its territory.'

1 Document 360.

2 See Document 312.

3 Document 168.

[AA : A5009/2, a7/3/13, iii]