344 High Commission in New Delhi to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 266 NEW DELHI, 7 April 1949, 7.10 p.m.



Following is the text of a letter which Maramis, Foreign Minister in the Emergency Government of the Republic, has addressed to Bajpai.

Begins- Though the Canadian proposal [1] approved by the Security Council does not offer any guarantee that the Dutch will allow a return of the Republican Government to Jogjakarta, it seems desirable to take into account the possibility that the Republican Government finally will be restored.

In that case, my Government will face nearly insurmountable difficulties in the discharge of its functions in connection with the fact, which has already been reported by the United Nations Commission for Indonesia to the Security Council, that materials and equipment have been partly removed or partly destroyed by the Dutch. Needless to say that this has been done premeditatedly in order to make it impossible for the Republic to function effectively.

Moreover it is likely that the Dutch have carried off all supplies of food and textiles, medicals commodities, stocks (as far as not scorched earthed) such as sugar, kapok, soya beans, vanilla beans etc. concentrated in big towns now occupied by the Dutch.

As you moreover understand we cannot depend on any Dutch favours in compliance with obligations imposed upon them by the Security Council's resolution [2] of January 28th, 1949. Honestly speaking I do not expect any conciliatory attitude on the Dutch part.

The most urgent things to be provided for are, other than administrative equipment for immediate running of the returning ministries: food, textiles, medicals for 1,500,000 people in Jogjakarta's residency for the first six months, and means of communication.

Fixing the individual rice needs in Indonesia at 500 grammes a day and stocks in hand as well as stocks to be achieved with the next rice crop at 300 grammes a person a day during the six months, the Jogjakarta population need for the next six months 180 by 1,500,000 by 200 grammes, 54 million tons, at eight Annas per ton equals Rupees 27 million. [3]

Fixing the individual textile need for the next six months at 6 yards, the population needs 1,500,000 by 6 yards equals 9 million yards at Rupees one Annas eight a yard equals 13,500,000, medicals for six months average Rupees two a person equals 3 million, Administrative equipment for 12 Ministries 1,200,000, means of transport and communication 1,300,000, total Rupees 46 Million.


From the foregoing is to be concluded that the Republic needs directly a loan of Rupees 46 million to meet her wants of the most urgent things.

Regular redemption of this loan may begin as soon as the blockade of the Republican ports is lifted and Republican commodities can find their way to the World.

This financial help could be rendered on a principle of mutual help, mutual co-operation and mutual insurance by the countries which actively have participated in the Asian Conference on Indonesia in January last in New Delhi, to a Nation which happens to be the victim of armed aggression designed to restore Colonial rule. Such a gesture, as a first practical step, seems to be something within the scope of activities of the Asian Conference and would deeply impress the World, especially those in the Western Hemisphere who hold the opinion that World Peace could be secured without regard to what is happening in South East Asia.

On behalf of my Government I have the honour to invite you to forward the above request and proposal to the Chairman of the Asian Conference on Indonesia.

1 See Document 312.

2 Document 168.

3 A copy on file AA : A5009/2, A7/3/13, iii, has the following figure '180 x 200 grams 54,000,000 k.g. @_/8/_ per k.g. = Rs.


4 A copy on file AA : A5009/2, A7/3/13, iii, has the population's requirements as '1500000 x 6 yards = 90.00000 yards @ Rs. 1/8/- a yard = 13,500,000, Medicals for 6 months average Rs. 2/- a person = 3,000,000, Administrative equipment for 12 ministeries = 1,200,000, Means of transport and communication = 1,300,000'.

Total Rs 46,000,000.'

[AA : A1838, 854/10/4/3, iv]