333 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K293 BATAVIA, 31 March 1949, 3 p.m.


Netherlands have agreed to participate in discussions in Batavia suggested by the Commission (K291 [1]). The letter [2] of acceptance stresses 'That it is the sense of the offer to the Council that suggested that discussions will be held without prejudicing the rights, claims and position of the Netherlands, for freedom and order in Indonesia-which responsibility has also determined the Netherlands attitude towards the resolution [3] of the Security Council of January 28th 1949.' The Netherlands reply indicates that Van Royen will be the leader of their delegation and suggests that the first meeting be postponed until after his arrival.

2. The reservation of the Netherlands regarding acts and order suggests they are not ready to agree to withdrawal of Dutch from Djokjakarta.

3. Republican leaders from Djokjakarta left for Bangka this morning, March 31st (K292 [4], paragraph 5). They are emphatic that no important decisions should be taken before the Republican Government is restored at Djokjakarta and consider T.N.I. is still well organised and would support restoration.

1 Document 318.

2 The full text of the letter dated 29 March from the Netherlands Delegation to the UN Commission for Indonesia is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Fourth Year, Special Supplement No. 5, p.6.

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