325 High Commission in New Delhi to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 229 NEW DELHI, 29 March 1949, 3.35 p.m.


Our 226. [1]

The Government of Australia have again telegraphed enquiry whether we would be agreeable to sponsor a joint Indian-Australian resolution to bring the question of Indonesia on the agenda of the forthcoming meeting of the General Assembly. In our previous telegram we instructed you to ascertain whether the countries which participated in the Delhi Conference on Indonesia would agree to a joint move to place this item on the agenda. Grateful if you will let us know what action you have taken in this matter so far.

Since we were responsible in convening the Delhi conference you might take the initiative, (a) in moving to include consideration of the Indonesian situation in the Assembly by placing it on the agenda, (b) in calling an informal meeting of the delegates of the countries which participated in the Delhi Conference to gather support for the point of view of these countries when the question is discussed in the Assembly or Committee.

You will appreciate that the item can be discussed under Article 11(2) [2], but not under article 12 [3], since the Assembly is not empowered to make recommendations to the Council as long as the latter has the question on its agenda. It would be worthwhile to bring the economic question before the General Assembly so that its opinion can exert pressure on the Security Council.

The Australian stand on the question of Indonesia has throughout been similar to our own and we should like you to work in co- operation with Hood.

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