300 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN192 NEW YORK, 15 March 1949, 5.01 p.m.



My telegram 191. [1]

Following is United States text referred to in para 7 of my 191.

'It is the sense of the Security Council that U.N.C.F.I., without prejudicing the Council's resolution [2] of January 28 and the rights, claims and position of the parties, should assist the parties in reaching agreement as to the time and conditions for holding the proposed conference at The Hague, including the manner in which the restoration of Djokjakarta to the administration of the Government of the Republic may be accomplished, to the end that the negotiations contemplated by the resolution of January 28 may be held as soon as possible. It is further the sense of the Council that, if such an agreement is reached, the holding of such a conference and the participation by U.N.C.F.I. in accordance with its terms of reference would be consistent with the basic purposes and objectives of the Council's resolution of January 28, 1949, which remains in full force and effect.' 2. Above is in more general terms than I had thought yesterday.

Austin led me to believe that the United States was not thinking of going along with the Canadian proposal to this extent.

3. We have noted London telegram 1049 [3] to you and will continue to urge unwisdom of any step which falls short of implementation of January 28 resolution. I observe from London telegram that India took same line as ourselves at the High Commissioners' meeting, but it is rather awkward circumstance at this end that Indian Representative [4] here, while having to some extent modified his earlier attitude, is still advocating the same step along the lines of the Canadian-Chinese suggestion. [5] Palar's half acceptance of the proposal yesterday was due to Indian and Chinese influence. In the first draft of his statement he had in fact given it full acceptance but after discussion with us used the wording in para 2 of our 191. He is now inclined to oppose it flatly tomorrow and say that he could agree only to a preliminary meeting which would have as its object the arrangement of practical facilities for the immediate return of the Republic Government to Djokjakarta. I assume we can go with him as far as this.

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