285 McMillan to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 18 PAKISTAN, 7 March 1949, 2.05 p.m.


Am taking the liberty of repeating to London No. 2, for the information of Dr. Evatt.

The Government has asked me to present, for the information of the Prime Minister [1], copy of the Pakistan Prime Minister's [2] reply, dated 22nd February, to the United Kingdom Prime Minister [3], in reply to the latter's message [4] on the United Kingdom Government's policy regarding Indonesia which you will have received.

The text of the Pakistan Prime Minister's message to the United Kingdom Prime Minister is.

'I am obliged to you for a very clear exposition of the policy of H.M. Government in the United Kingdom regarding the Indonesian problem. I am in general agreement with the views you have expressed, but I should like to stress that any attempt by the Dutch to evade the real issue and to set a camouflage would have disastrous consequences. It would not only irritate the world opinion, drive the Republicans to desperation, and bring on a crisis in South East Asia, but would also destroy all trust in Dutch promises and the good faith of the colonial powers.

While I agree with you as to the need of a strong and stable government in Indonesia and am willing to impress upon the Indonesian Authorities the sense of responsibility and urgency, I should like to mention that we must not forget that the present state of instability in Indonesia is the direct result of Dutch intransigence, and that the main responsibility for it must rest upon their shoulders. Had the Dutch Government themselves given proof a true sense of responsibility and urgency in dealing with the Indonesian problem, the problem would have been solved much earlier without giving rise to the many disquieting features that have since emerged.'

1 J.B Chifley.

2 Liaqust Ali Khan.

3 C.R. Attlee.

4 Document 220.

[AA : A1838, 854/10/4/3, iv]