245 Hood to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN143 NEW YORK, 25 February 1949, 2.56 p.m.



Your telegram 113. [1]

If the Commission cables its report to reach here by 28th February, Security Council can probably meet to deal with it towards the end of next week. Obviously the less delay after 1st March the better.

2. Indonesians here attach more and more importance to military factors in the situation. They say that, on their information, Dutch position militarily is becoming untenable. For this reason they would not regard failure of the Security Council to proceed to enforcement action against the Dutch as necessarily the final word. In such case the Republic would fight for outright independence, although, of course, the general consequences of this throughout South East Asia would be unpredictable.

3. Palar today discussed with us a suggestion which he is also putting to Indian and Egyptian representatives here for some follow-up in New York to consultations envisaged by Delhi Conference. He has in mind a meeting either formal or informal of the representatives here of the Delhi countries, either just before resumed Security Council meetings on Indonesia or concurrently with them. The object would be to encourage Council towards firm action. Please advise whether you think we should give any support to the suggestion.

1 Dispatched on 24 February, it conveyed the text of Document 239.

[AA : A1838, 403/2/3/9, i]