238 Quinn to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hague 30 THE HAGUE, 22 February 1949, 6.55 p.m.



1. The London Times Leader, published today, seems, in the light of such information as is available here, accurate as to the facts.

2. References to the reasons for Sassen's resignation are however too condensed. According to Hansard report of Drees Statement of February 18th just received. Sassen's ideas involved:-

(A) Approach to the United States with a request to restrain the U.N.C.I. fromexercising authority, and with proposals for 'South East Asia policy, in collaboration, amongst others, between America and the Netherlands'.

(B) The despatch of a special mission to the United States for this purpose and the threat of complete Dutch withdrawal from Indonesia if the Americans declined to co-operate.

Parting of the ways was on (B). Remainder of Cabinet expect the same result as Sassen from pressure on the United States.

3. Beel returns tomorrow according to the official communique, 'fully informed of the Netherlands Government's views and entrusted with the necessary powers'. It is further stated in the publication that 'Important decisions' may be expected on his arrival in Batavia Saturday.

[AA : A1838, 403/3/1/1, xxi]