217 Department of External Affairs to Pritchett

Cablegram 28 CANBERRA, 15 February 1949, 3.45 p.m.


Your telegram No. 16 [1]-Relief supplies.

We cannot agree to the suggestion in paragraph 1 which would mean that the goods would have Dutch markings instead of Australian markings.

2. We agree to Sullivan supervising the distribution of the supplies.

1 In this cablegram, dispatched on 4 February, Pritchett advised that the NEI authorities had suggested substituting textiles of a 'satisfactory colour' from Dutch stocks for Australian khaki- coloured relief supplies and that the NEI authorities had consented to the distribution of the supplies by Lieutenant- Colonel of the UN International Children's Emergency Fund. See also Document 195.

[AA : A4357/2, 352/2, i]