202 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 114 WASHINGTON, 9 February 1949, 7.30 p.m.



Your telegram 75. [1]

State Department have not yet received report from Cochran. They claim that other members of Commission were fully informed by Lisle regarding Cochran's itinerary and objective which was to obtain information with a view to a report by Commission regarding Dutch intentions. We pointed out that it was essential that the Commission should take all possible action, and that this was impeded by Cochran's absence. State Department consider, however, that the Commission could make little progress dealing through Schuurman, and that the only course was to go direct to the Dutch Government.

2. State Department has not yet decided on United States attitude in the Security Council in the event (which is assumed) the Commission reports on 15th February that Dutch will not comply with main points of resolution. [2] United States would welcome Australian suggestions. They point out that imposition of sanctions against Netherlands would have serious implications.

While United States would comply with any Security Council resolution, they do not believe that United Kingdom and Canada would be prepared to support sanctions even if United States used its influence to persuade them to do so.

1 Document 201.

2 Document 168.

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