191 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K264 BATAVIA, 4 February 1949, 5.45 p.m.


My telegram K.263. [1]

The Republican Delegation has reported as follows on the visit to Bangka yesterday, 1st February:-

(1) The resolution [2] of the Security Council of 28th January which was forwarded by the Commission to the Netherlands Delegation on 29th January for transmission to Hatta has not yet been received by him.

(2) The Republican leaders in Bangka have not received replies to many letters they have written to their families since permission was granted on 10th January.

(3) Hatta has received the B.F.O. invitation [3] for a joint conference. His reply [4], which will underline the failure of the Netherlands to accept the Council's resolution, and at the same time endeavour to give some encouragement to a stronger policy by the Federalists, will be on the following lines:-

(a) The Netherlands Government is not prepared to recognize the Republican leaders as the President and members of the Government of the Republic but the Government as personalities of a state which does not still exist;

(b) The Netherlands Government does not comply with the sections of the Security Council resolution providing for the restoration of the authority of the Republic;

(c) In contravention of the resolution of the Security Council the Government of Indonesia is not prepared to release the Republican leaders unconditionally;

(d) Hatta and other Republican leaders cannot therefore accept the invitation to be at discussion with the B.F.O.;

(e) The Security Council and the Asian Conference representing the majority of mankind, have accepted the Republican conditions as essential for a solution of the Indonesian problem;

(f) In Hatta's opinion the best and quickest way to solve the problem would be for the Netherlands and Republican Governments to declare explicitly their acceptance of the resolution. (The Republican Government could only accept when it is able to reassemble);

(g) After such declarations an overall conference should be held as soon as possible between the representatives of the Netherlands Government, the B.F.O., and the Republic, under the auspices of the Commission. The Conference would discuss all questions including:-

(1) The formation of an Interim Federal Government by 15th March;

(2) The stopping of military activities, the restoration of the Republic and the return of the Republican Government to Djokjakarta;

(h) The Republican Government also strives for the formation of a Republic of the United States of Indonesia in which the Republic of Indonesia, in principle will be no more or less than a member state which has equal status with the other member states.

1 Document 190.

2 Document 168.

3 The text of the invitation dated 3 February from the Chairman of the BFO to Hatta is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Fourth Year, Supplement for March, pp.10-11.

4 The text of Hatta's reply to the Chairman of the BFO dated 3 March and sent by airmail is given in ibid,pp.11-12.

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