183 Throssell to Tange

Minute CANBERRA, 3 February 1949

The Security Council's resolution [1] of the 28th January provided in paragraph 3 of the operative section that negotiations are to be undertaken 'on the basis of the principles set forth in the Linggadjati [2] and Renville [3] Agreements'.

2. The third political principle signed by both delegations and witnessed by the Committee of Good Offices on the U.S.S.

'Renville' stated 'it is understood that decisions concerning changes of administration of territory (sic) should be made only with the full and free consent of the population of those territories and at a time when the security and freedom of coercion of such populations will have been ensured'. [4]

3. It would appear therefore that Dutch preparations to form another state in middle Java are contrary to the political principle of the Renville Agreement quoted above and are therefore an infringement of the Security Council's Resolution of the 28th January.

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