174 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN70 NEW YORK, 29 January 1949, 5.57 p.m.



Our 69. [1] Following amendments were made to resolution in our 41 [2] before adoption by Security Council.

1. First sentence of paragraph 2 to read 'Calls upon the Government of the Netherlands to release immediately and unconditionally all political prisoners arrested by them on the 17th December, 1948, in the Republic of Indonesia, and to facilitate the immediate return of Officials of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to Jogjakarta in order that they may discharge their responsibilities under paragraph 1 above and in order to exercise their appropriate functions in full freedom, including Administration of the Jogjakarta area, which shall include the city of Jogjakarta and its immediate environs.' 2. Sub-paragraph 3(A) delete all after 'March 15th, 1949'.

3. Insert as new proviso after sub-paragraph 3(A) the following:-

'Provided that if no agreement is reached by one month prior to the respective dates referred to in sub-paragraphs (A), (B) and (C), above, the commission referred to in paragraph 4(A) below or such other United Nations agency as may be established in accordance with paragraph 4(C) below, shall immediately report to the Security Council with its recommendations for a solution of the difficulties.' 4. Sub-paragraph 4(D) to read 'The commission shall have authority to consult with representatives of areas in Indonesia other than the Republic, and to invite representatives of such areas to participate in the negotiations referred to in paragraph 3 above.' 5. Sub-paragraph 4(E) after 'throughout Indonesia' insert 'and is further authorised in respect of the territories of Java, Madura and Sumatra'.

6. Sub-paragraph 4(F) phrase in brackets to read 'outside the Jogjakarta area' and next sentence to read 'the recommendations of the commission may include provision for such economic measures as are required for the proper functioning of the administration and for the economic well being of the population of the areas involved in such transfers'. [3]

1 Document 170.

2 Document 124.

3 See also United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Forth Year, Supplement For January, pp.65-6.

[AA : A1838, 854/10/3, iii b]