154 Hood to Evatt

Cablegram UN51 NEW YORK, 24 January 1949, 6.46 p.m.


Your telegrams 44 [1] and 45. [2] I have carefully noted these points and will use them in the further handling of the matter.

During last week I supported the suggestions that there would be some advantage in withholding Security Council action until receipt of outcome of Delhi meeting, and it now appears that the Delhi resolution [3] might have substantial effect on Council resolution. From discussions today have learned United States has reopened negotiations with Security Council Members with a view to seeing to what extent it is possible to put the Delhi resolutions into effect. Also Indonesians say that they have an assurance that Egypt will sponsor some amendments which they wish to see introduced from the Delhi text.

2. Our attitude in Security Council, both here and in Paris, has certainly helped to give United States' resolution [4] its present form, and I have, in the light of instructions, tried to get as much precision as possible in the text. If the Council is ready to go along with the Delhi suggestions regarding the timetable, some of which are already as a matter of fact in the United States' text, I assume we need not take any different stand on this point.

On present information Dutch acceptance or non-acceptance is likely to be on more general grounds.

3. I have not been able to ascertain answer to your question regarding Dutch military moves as Security Council discussions here have been on quite different grounds from those in Paris and have not been relevant to origin of present situation but will continue to do what I can. I am in close touch and am having discussions with Indians tomorrow.

1 Document 150.

2 Dispatched on 24 January, it conveyed the text of Document 142.

3 Document 144.

4 Document 124.

[AA : A3195, I1302]