150 Evatt to Hood

Cablegram 44 CANBERRA, 24 January 1949, 2.30 p.m.


1. With reference to the resolution [1] of the Delhi Conference I want to tell you for your confidential information that I have sent a number of amendments and modifications [2] which apparently did not reach Burton in time. He says that probably all would have been acceptable. I am cabling you the substance of them for your guidance as they might be useful for you in conversations with Security Council Members.

2. I regard the Conference as of very great importance and as being successful largely as a result of my own suggestion in accepting United Nations principles, methods, and jurisdictions.

One important principle is reference to the General Assembly which can and should be a revising authority where Security Council action failed or has been inadequate. You will not give publicity to the above but keep closely in mind.

3. I had previously instructed you [3] to try and ascertain prior disclosures by the Dutch of military moves but no answer has been received from you. Security Council action and Dutch acceptance would be of great value and you are to work unceasingly to achieve this objective.

4. I expect a personal report in reply.

1 Document 144 2 Document 142.

3 See Document 114.

[AA : A3196, O1025]