122 Pritchett to Schuurman

Letter BATAVIA, 20 January 1949

I have the honour to refer to your letter (No. PA.10/16815) [1] of 30th December, 1948, and to conversations during the last three weeks between Jhr. de Ranitz and myself, concerning the supply of post-UNRRA relief goods from Australia to Indonesia.

It is not clear exactly what further information is required by the Government of Indonesia concerning the composition of the medical supplies mentioned by you in paragraph (a) of your letter and your further advice on this point would be appreciated.

I note that the Government of Indonesia regrets that for the time being it is not possible to import into territory which has only recently come under its control textiles of a colour resembling that of military and/or police uniforms. I understand thereby that the textiles consigned by my Government to the Republic of Indonesia, as relief supplies, may not be distributed as had been hoped. However, it appears that the objection of the Government of Indonesia is of but a temporary nature and I shall be grateful to learn how much longer it is anticipated that it might be maintained.

As I have already had the honour of informing Jhr. de Ranitz, my Government is willing that the relief supplies consigned by it to the Republic of Indonesia be now distributed in those territories which until recently were under the control of the Government of that Republic, provided that the distribution is effected by the Red Cross and is supervised by an Officer from the Australian Military Observers Team at present assigned to the Committee of Good Offices. Your advice as to whether this proposal is agreeable to the Government of Indonesia, and as to the other points mentioned in this letter and previously raised with Jhr.de Ranitz, will be greatly appreciated.

1 This communication from the NEI Government to Pritchett was concerned with the composition and method of distribution of Australian post-UNRRA supplies in Indonesia.

[AA : A4357/2, 352/2, i]