82 Heydon to Burton

Cablegram Austdel 275 PARIS, 23 November 1948, 6.30 p.m.


You may not have heard that the Prime Minister of Eire, Mr.

Costello, prefaced his second reading speech by paying high tribute to Dr. Evatt's work in endeavouring to find a maximum basis of agreement between the British Commonwealth on the one hand and Eire on the other in the following terms.

'I want to put on record here tonight our gratitude and thanks to Dr. Evatt for his sympathy, understanding and help particularly during the past few weeks'.

At the same time I understand Noel-Baker is also concluding a tribute to Dr. Evatt and other Commonwealth ministers.

I have been in close touch with all developments and it may be important for you to point out to prevent any misunderstanding being created by Opposition interests in the House or through the press that the Minister's effort from the outset has been directed to the maintenance of closest relationship of Eire with the Commonwealth which allows the possibility of improvement of relations and the final strengthening of the Commonwealth by re- inclusion of Eire.

The fact is that the Minister has always insisted on the name British in British Commonwealth, direct personal link with the King and at the same time a practical working of the group which could and should be strengthened not only in common interest but in the interests of world peace. [1]

1 Links between Eire and the British crown were officially severed on is April 1949 when the Republic of Ireland was proclaimed.

[AA: A3195, 1948, I.18997]