42 Chifley to Dedman

Cablegram F3 CANBERRA, 17 July 1949, 4.40 p.m.

MOST IMMEDIATE Dr. Evatt and I have considered further draft resolution contained in your F7. [1] Regarding paragraph 1, our view is that present conference should not be called upon to give blanket endorsement to conclusions reached by representatives of United States, Canada and United Kingdom at meeting at which we were not represented.

Paragraph 1 not only implies a full acceptance of those conclusions but also has implications in relation to continuation of discussions between the Governments named. We would very much prefer therefore that paragraph be omitted. If this is not possible, you should endeavour to have substituted word 'note' for word 'welcome' and omit all words after 'United Kingdom'.

Regarding paragraph 2, you are aware of Australian advocacy of principle of 'full employment' as distinct from 'high levels of employment'. We would therefore desire any reference in this paragraph to be to full employment and not to high levels of employment.

Paragraphs 3 and 4 no further comment.

1 Document 40

[AA: A4311, 29/4]