324 Embassy in Washington to Australian Government

Cablegram 706 WASHINGTON, 8 June 1948, 7.24 p.m.


F.E.C. 97.

Japanese Whaling

1. Aide-memoire received from State Department today of which following are main points begins:-

(A) Message received from S.C.A.P. states that after consideration of opposing views advanced by Australian and other interested Governments he has nevertheless been compelled in the circumstances to authorise third expedition. Reasons the same as necessitating previous expeditions.

(B) The S.C.A.P. states however that in view of Australian and other Governments opposition to inclusion of third ship and because of desire to meet those Governments' wishes in the matter of Japanese whaling to largest possible extent consistent with effective occupation mission, he has decided not to authorise addition of third ship.

(C) Reference Australian contention that Japanese Antarctic whaling properly a matter of principle to be decided by F.E.C.:

the position of the United States has already been made clear in connection with previous expeditions. It is the view of the United States Government that S.C.A.P. has authority under provisions of F.E.C.035, or under his general powers as 'sole executive authority for Allied Powers in Japan'.

(D) State Department not yet in possession of all facts concerning treatment accorded Australian observer but is bringing this complaint to the attention of S.C.A.P. with request that he institute necessary enquiries. Ends.

2. Full text forwarded airmail.

[AA:A1838/283, 479/3/4/1, V]