300 Australian Government to Gordon Walker

Cablegram 82 CANBERRA, 5 April 1948, 5.25 p.m.

Your 98. [1]

We cannot agree to the giving to the Netherlands of a share of the Japanese Fleet even though, in the opinion of the Admiralty, the craft concerned would be of 'practically no offensive value'.

We cannot see that there is any real moral obligation to make a share to the Netherlands for their part in the war against Japan which was minimal in character.

Moreover at the present time the Netherlands is using every means in its power, including virtual economic blockade, to bring the Republic of Indonesia to a point of submission to all their demands in spite of very clear injunctions by the United Nations through the Security Council. In doing so, the Netherlands are threatening the peace of this area and to that extent their action is inimical to the interests of Australia, and we cannot be party to any arrangements such as you suggest.

1 Document 299.

[AA:A3318, L49/3/1/23]