219 Taysom [1] to Kevin

Letter CALCUTTA, 30 April 1949

Dr. Burton this morning at the aerodrome asked me to pass on to you the intelligence that while they were in London, a meeting was held to discuss Burma. [2] Mr. Chifley did not attend, neither did any other Australian delegate, I understand, and Mr. Chifley has taken the view that assistance to the present Government of Burma would be in effect throwing so much money away, and he has more use in Australia for such funds. In any case he declined to extend any assistance at all. When the party left London, Dr. Burton believed that a communique was being prepared announcing that certain help would be given to Burma by various countries (excluding Australia, or, I should say, omitting Australia).

Dr. Burton also wondered why it was that the Government of India was backing the present Government of Burma, when one hears on all sides of their weakness and corruption-I think he would like your views.

The plane was delayed here over three hours owing to engine trouble and I am taking the opportunity of writing you after a late breakfast and while waiting for the office car to return.

1 A.R. Taysom, Assistant Trade Commissioner, Calcutta.

2 That is, the Commonwealth Prime Minister' Conference.

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