218 Department of External Affairs to Gollan

Cablegram 144 CANBERRA, 28 March 1949, 5.40 p.m.


Your 212. For your own information, continued deterioration of situation in Burma, which now appears to have reached stage where Burmese Government exercises very little control outside Rangoon, has led us to the conclusion that little is to be gained by trying to establish a Mission in Rangoon until the situation becomes clearer.

2. You should, however, inform Burmese Ambassador that we are pleased to receive Burmese Government's agreement in principle to exchange of diplomatic representatives, that we may not now be able to send a representative to Burma as early as we had hoped, but that we look forward to pursuing the matter further with the Burmese Government as soon as circumstances permit.

[AA: A1838/280, 441/1/1, i]