19 Bury to Wheeler

Letter (extract) [LONDON], 25 May 1948

It would be of interest to us if you could drop a line on anything which transpires in Canberra in connection with a possible conference of Prime Ministers towards the end of the year. The subject keeps appearing in the U.K. Press and is discussed very freely but no one seems to have anything concrete. It might be better to wait until the E.R.P. programme is further underway. In the economic field very much is in a state of flux, but I doubt whether there are many concrete issues at present to be cleared on the top level. Only if the Dominions wish to become thoroughly acquainted with what is in the minds of the U.K. Cabinet in regard to closer permanent integration with Europe would a conference now seem to be required. On the other hand, since so much is in the state of flux, any firm line coming from the Dominions could probably influence the future course of events more effectively than later on. However, if a conference is definitely a firm probability we at this end should be directing our activities accordingly. At the present time, I personally am concentrating rather on developing wide contacts, official and unofficial, with a view to measuring in my own mind the strength of different currents of opinion and their likely impact on events.

[AA: A2910, 453/7/1, vii]