166 Heyes to Burton

Memorandum CANBERRA, 20 January 1949


My Minister has had under consideration the question of the admission to Australia as permanent residents of persons who are not of pure European descent. The Minister holds the view that such persons are not suitable as settlers in Australia and it is his desire that those wishing to make their homes in this country be not granted facilities to do so, even though they are predominantly of European extraction and in appearance. With the exception of Maories, the ruling will apply to British subjects as well as aliens.

Persons partly of non-European origin may, however, be granted travel facilities for Australia as business or tourist visitors in accordance with existing practice where there is no reason to doubt their bona fides.

Will you kindly arrange for Australian representatives overseas to be advised accordingly. In doing so it should be impressed on these officers that the Minister wishes his ruling to be kept strictly secret.

[AA:A1838, 153 1/1, i]