83 Kirby and Forsyth to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 235 WASHINGTON, 22 February 1948, 4.48 p.m.


Security Council. Indonesia. 21st February.

1. The Americans clearly desired to wind up debate and push Canadian text [1] through Saturday 21st. Indonesians told us they preferred to spin out debate to see what happens after West Java conference 23rd. We are primarily concerned to strengthen Committee either through statement by President or amendment along lines of Kirby's proposal. Graham is in full sympathy with us and endorsed Kirby's draft (our amendment) [2] but was bothered by fact that Austin and State Department do not favour Kirby's proposal, at any rate as part of resolution. Van Zeeland who left for Belgium Saturday and was not at meeting had endorsed principle but did not want it in resolution. McNaughton refused to make statement from the chair as to sense of Council regarding Kirby's proposal. We had been in consultation with Colombian Delegation but their amendment did not seem specific enough in view of fact that France and Netherlands had queried propriety of Committee publishing suggestions. At last minute therefore when vote was imminent we tabled amendment (see our cable reporting meeting).

[3] China then requested adjournment. Tsiang was not present but we asked member of China Delegation to consider endorsing our proposal. (See Tsiang's speech reported in our 161 from me). [4] Will follow this up.

2. In conversation with Kirby Cadogan seemed favourable.

Indonesians say Soviet may move separate resolution condemning formation of 'puppet states'.

3. We feel our position is fairly good in that if necessary to secure inclusion of resolution of power to make suggestions we can concede omission of mention of publications since effect can be secured by means of report to Security Council as provided in Canadian text.

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