82 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 234 WASHINGTON, [22] [1] February 1948, 6 p.m.


Security Council 21st February continued the Indonesian debate.


1. Sastroamidjojo pointed out that arrangements are proceeding for new state in West Java despite fact that it is disputed territory.

Thanked U.S.A. for insistence of good faith in implementation and China for remarks reported in our 161. [3] Resolution does not satisfy all Indonesians' needs and Committee must be strengthened.

Mentioned Hatta's letter to Van Mook on interim Government. [4] 2.

Lopez (Colombia) Committee should be strengthened.

3. Forsyth pointed ou[t] that while Canadian resolution [5] expressed majority views as to commendation and continuance of Committee and keeping Council informed, it did not take account of the feeling of several members that Committee should be strengthened. No one had opposed the principle of Judge Kirby's suggestion and the principle was acceptable to the other members of the Committee. Weight should be given to opinion of the Committee or of a number of Committee. Difficulties already arising in Indies e.g. West Java, interim Government and trade.

Committee will need all support and strength to handle difficulties. The Council should trust Committee and gave it approval for the additional means suggested.

4. Argentina Committee should proceed on present lines.

5. Van Kleffens (Netherlands). There is no [a priori] [6] objections to a Committee of Good Offices making suggestions. A matter of expediency for decision at each stage. As regards publicity however, this involves pressure and is incompatible with 'good offices' unless by agreement with parties or by report of Council. Committee by its nature cannot use pressure. Regarding Chinese suggestion or arbitration of d[if]ferences in interpretation this would destroy atmosphere of conciliation.

Republic request of 15th February to cancel West Java conference should not have been addressed to the Dutch, but to the people concerned. Netherlands will not foment but neither will it suppress popular movement for new states.

6. Chairman stated that since proposal that Committee make suggestions and publish them involved two Governments, Committee and Security Council, a formal motion would be necessary.

7. Lopez (Colombia) tabled an amendment consisting of additions to Canadian resolution to effect that parties avail themselves of Committee's assistance in case of d[if]ferences in interpretation of Renville and that Committee make use of appropriate means to assist parties to reach settlement.

8. Forsyth then formally presented the following amendment as new paragraph to be inserted immediately following present third paragraph of Canadian text:-'Considers that it is a matter for the Committee of Good Offices itself as to whether the Committee in the future should make and at its discretion publish suggestions to the parties to help them in reaching a political settlement, without necessarily waiting for the parties to request them to do so.' 9. China supported by Colombia asked for adjournment.

10. Next meeting fixed for Thursday morning 26th.

1 Text in square brackets in this Document has been corrected from a copy on file AA: A3300/7, 686. The cited copy was incorrectly dated an February. Date of receipt has been confirmed from the inwards cable register.

2 The full text of the continuation of debate is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Third Year, N0.27, 252nd Meeting, 21 February 1948, pp.236-55.

3 Document 80.

4 Document 60.

5 Document 68.

6 Amended with reference to United Nations records. The cited copy reads 'prior'.

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