79 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram 105 CANBERRA, 20 February 1948, 4.10 p.m.


Your UN147. [1] Indonesia.

Our preliminary view on debate as it has progressed so far is that Gromyko's speech will assist you but that you should ensure that Soviet will not resort to veto to block any resolution for continuance of Committee of Good Offices in an endeavour to demonstrate its opposition to the result of the Committee's work so far. This would cause delays which would play into the hands of the Dutch.

2. The Council should now be under no delusions as to the difficulties lying ahead and Soviet attack can be turned to good action by your pointing out that trouble has been the lack of definite and agreed powers for the Committee and by seeking strengthening of the McNaughton resolution [2] to provide for greatly increased powers.

1 Document 77.

2 See Document 68.

[AA:A1838, 403/3/1/1, xv]