60 Critchley to Burton

Memorandum BATAVIA, 13 February 1948


Republican Participation in an Interim Government The following is a copy of an offer made to the Lieutenant Governor General by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Indonesia, to co-operate in the formation of an Interim Government (see my telegram No. K.58). [1] It is understood that Dr. van Mook has referred the letter to the Netherlands Delegation-

Jacarta, Feb.9, 1948.

'One of the best means of promoting the development of affairs which would lead to the establishment of the United States of Indonesia is, in my view, the institution of an Interim Government for this archipelago.

I am furthermore of the opinion that in order to ensure the success of that institution, said Government must be invested with all attributes which, under the current circumstances, are necessary for the highest superstructural organization of these islands.

My Government is fully prepared to cooperate in the formation of such an Interim Government and would highly appreciate it, if the discussions concerning this matter could be initiated soon.'

1 See note 2 to Document 59.

[AA:A1838, 403/3/1/1, xv]