473 Evatt to Heydon

Telegram unnumbered SS DOMINION MONARCH, 26 December 1948


Please pass following urgently to Hodgson. [1] Begins.

In view of voting, your report [2] which only reached me 26th December, you should, I think, make another attempt to secure order for withdrawal and for this purpose Malik's support for resolution would be essential. Otherwise military situation will be provided at (corrupt group) is point in favour of Dutch. From your report it seems that United Kingdom also supports this view.

If you could get Malik and Jessup favourable, it might not be too late to prevent decision which in actual operation might be serious blow threatening authority of Security Council and U.N.

1 Heydon transmitted the telegram to Shann by telephone at 11.40 a.m. London time on 27 December.

2 A copy of Cablegram 29. (Document 462) was dispatched to Evatt at sea on 24 December.

[AA:A3318/1, 148/3/1/16]