454 Hodgson to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 289 PARIS, 24 December 1948


1. Reference our in clear of today. [1] Results of voting were disappointing. Withdrawal order, though it apparently had majority support, failed through absence Ukraine and abstentions of Soviet and Argentina, as voting of others was anticipated. Attitude of latter [2] was inexplicable and he never spoke at any point.

2. Both in New York and Paris Soviet delegate spoke strongly in favour of withdrawal but as be insisted on adoption of his own proposal he would not vote for anything else.

3. US Delegation having given a clear lead was frankly disappointed. We propose to continue discussions with them and India to see if it is possible or feasible in light of result to propose long-term proposals. In view of defeat of Canadian stop- gap proposal it is likely any wider proposals would be unacceptable pending receipt of reports requested from GOC. Jessup himself believes we can do little further at this stage until reaction of Netherlands to cease-fire order is known.

4. As GOC confined to Batavia and military assistants have been ordered out of the field it is difficult to see how observance of even cease-fire order can be reported on to Council. It is clear that position of Republic will be gravely prejudiced by result of vote.

5. We feel we did everything possible to carry out instructions.

1 Document 462.

2 Rudolfo Munoz, Alternate Representative of Argentina on the Security Council.

[AA:A4387/2, A/48/19H]