442 Evatt to Burton

Cablegram unnumbered SS DOMINION MONARCH, 21 December 1948, 5.30

Received your telegrams. [1] Had already instructed Hodgson and will be glad if you would confirm them as they had to be given speedily. As it is, additional instructions from Australia seem in direct line with my own. It is very necessary to act promptly not only to save lives but also to protect United Nations against direct attack of present character. My own view is that attack was timed deliberately in order to avoid Security Council meeting. It is opportunity to defend the prestige of United Nations and to show the Dutch that the old time imperialistic methods are detestable not only to Australia but to the whole of South East Asia.

It is essential that you should confirm immediately my instructions to Hodgson which Heydon will repeat to you. [2]

1 In an interview on at December, Forde asked Reid what attitude the Canadian Delegates to the Security Council would take on the Indonesian question. Reid replied that the matter was still being considered by the Canadian Government.

2 See note 1 to Document 434.

[AA:A9420, 6]