434 Burton to Evatt

Cablegram E116 CANBERRA, 23 December 1948


Your telegram to Hodgson through Heydon has been received. [1] Belgian complicity is apparent. United Kingdom and United States attitude is inexplicable as they now allege they had prior information and resent our suggestion that they could have prevented police action by exerting real pressure. in spite of your last sentence and instructions from here, adjournment of debate took place without decision. Prime Minister and Cabinet strongly behind approach we are taking and besides organising Council debates we are attempting to force responsibility on United States for far greater unilateral action.

1 Cablegram 4516, dispatched from the High Commission in London on 22 December, conveyed the text of Document 393. It was received in Canberra at 9 a.m. on 23 December.

[AA:A9420, 7]