428 Department of External Affairs to Kevin and Waller

Cablegrams 336, 212 CANBERRA, 22 December 1948, 10.30 p.m.



1. Please keep Republican representatives in India and Philippines informed of Australian intention to continue to support their case in Security Council and of steps taken as were reported to you.

Information on military situation should also be passed on to Republicans.

2. Precis of Prime Minister's press statement [1] contained in immediately following telegram.

3. American and Australian representatives in Batavia have protested strongly to Dutch at absence of news concerning members of Committee of Good Offices cut off at Kaliurang. Dutch have so far failed to provide communications. In meantime in absence of other Committee members Cochran and Cutts will report to Security Council information on military operations and circumstances leading to outbreak of hostilities.

4. Reports from eye witnesses say aircrafts were used against Djockjakarta causing some damage. Casualties are unknown. Greater part of Republican army is thought to have withdrawn before town fell.

5. Press correspondents are subject to rigid Dutch political censorship.

6. Please advise any arrangements concerning government in exile.

1 Document 413.

[AA:A1838, 401/3/10/1, ii]