398 Heydon to Evatt

Cablegram unnumbered LONDON, 20 December 1948


United States Delegation in Paris supported by Australia on 19th December sought a meeting of the Security Council for 20th. Soviet representative was not present and Molotov had telegraphed pointing out that when the last meeting was held in Paris last week arrangements had been made for three days' notice of any meeting of the Security Council. The United States strongly resisted this but it was resolved to meet on the 22nd December. In the meantime, the Committee of Good Offices has been asked for the latest information and the Dutch have been requested to arrange for the Committee of Good Offices to reunite. Both the Dutch and Indonesians are asked to supply all information to the Council by the morning of the 22nd December.

2. The United States have already drafted a resolution which is a strong condemnation of Dutch action and provides for- (a) an immediate cease-fire.

(b) withdrawal of Dutch troops behind former lines.

(c) resumption of work of Committee of Good Offices.

It now appears that in discussions in recent weeks the United States virtually threatened the Dutch with withdrawal [of] E.R.P.

Aid if they attempted military action.

3. Attlee and Bevin discussed the matter here this morning and the United Kingdom favours a resolution with similar provisions to those of American resolution, though they were not aware of that reported above until we informed them.

4. Bevin is angry and anxious for immediate action but is doubtful whether sanctions under Article 41 are appropriate at this stage.

5. Your messages [1] both delivered to Hodgson who is in Paris.

Shann has returned Paris to assist him.

6. Mr. Beasley has been active on the matter yesterday and today and has just returned from seeing McNeil.

1 Documents 393 and 395.

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