392 Cutts to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K214 BATAVIA, 19 December 1948, 10.30 p.m.


Cochran and I this afternoon (December 19th) telegraphed a report [1] to the Security Council in the name of the Committee. The report includes the text of Schuurman's letter of December 19th (K213 [2]) and official Netherlands memorandum of the same date (310) [3] and calls upon the Security Council 'to consider on a basis of the utmost urgency the outbreak of hostilities in Indonesia in the violation of the Renville Truce Agreement'. The report also points out that as a result of the suspension of communications between Batavia and Kaliurang neither the Committee nor the Republic Govt. received notice of the Netherlands intention to repudiate the Truce Agreement and that this repudiation was therefore in violation of Article 10 of the Agreement. [4]

2. There are still no means of communication between Batavia and Kaliurang. However, if the telegraph office at Kaliurang is still in working order it may be possible for you to send a telegram direct there for Critchley.

3. Both Miss Cock and Miss Baher are in Kaliurang with Critchley.

4. The United Press correspondent in Batavia reports that Voice of Free Indonesia broadcast this morning, at intervals from 8.45 a.m.

the following message-

'The Good Offices Committee has called upon the Security Council for urgent action and has conferred full power on Cochran.'

5. Spoor, following visits this morning to all fronts, informed the Senior United States military observer [5] that Djokjakarta air field has been taken undamaged by the Dutch troops at 7 am today and that the troops were forming up there for a march on the town. Spoor said that he expected that it would take approximately 2 days to complete the capture of Djokjakarta.

6. At a press conference at 11 am today Beel informed correspondents inter alia that:

(a) military action had started at midnight and that both the Committee and the Republican Delegation has been informed half an hour beforehand (see paragraph 1 above).

(b) that Sukarno and other Republican leaders would be treated with the courtesy due to their rank.

(c) that special measure has been taken for the safety of Critchley, [Herr]emans and the Good Offices Committee personnel in Kaliurang.

7. The supplementary report to the Committee's special report of December 18th (see K211 paragraph 2 [6]) was telegraphed to the Security Council this morning.

1 The text of the report of the Committee of Good Offices to the President of the Security Council dated 19 December is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Third Year, Supplement for December, pp.224-8.

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