375 Quinn to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hag 199 THE HAGUE, 15 December 1948



Note [1] was received in The Hague yesterday and has been under consideration by Cabinet to-day. American information is that its arrival delayed the promulgation of Interim Government decree already prepared. [2]

2. The United Kingdom Ambassador and the United States Charge d'Affaires have referred to the resentment of the Dutch at recent pressure and their present stubborn mood. The former believes that Stikker has gone to the domestic political limit in concessions and the United Kingdom Government is, in his view, not likely to press the Dutch to give way further, particularly on the question of separate commands for TNI.

3. Press reports Indonesian representative's approach to Security Council and the Netherlands delegation's proposed submission of statement on the special report by the Good Offices Commission.


1 Presumably Hatta's letter to Cochran dated 13 December. See Document 370.

2 See Document 363.

3 See note 1 to Document 366.

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