337 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 1237 WASHINGTON, 1 December 1948



1. Indonesian representative on instruction from Hatta has suggested to State Department following steps which might assist atmosphere during current negotiations.

(a) Widening of demilitarized zone and replacement of troops by civil police.

(b) Cessation of steps being taken by Netherlands to organize fully-fledged states in South Sumatra, Batavia and East Java.

(c) Completion of arrangements for importation into Republic of textiles, etc., purchased in U.S.

2. Indonesians have also suggested that Cochran proposals [1] should be formally tendered to both parties by Committee of Good Offices and that after direct negotiations settlement should be concluded under auspices of the Committee.

1 See Documents 237 and 238.

[AA:A3300/7, 687]