332 Noel-Baker to Fraser and Chifley [1]

Cablegrams 247, 298 LONDON, 27 November 1948


Your telegram of 26th November 234 [2] repeated to Australia No.



Admission of Indonesia While agreeing with you that direct participation of Indonesia as a whole in work of Commission is desirable we feel that it is vitally important that success of negotiations between Netherlands and Republic now in most critical phase should not be prejudiced by discussion in Commission. For that reason we are as indicated in my telegram to Australia No. 295 repeated to you 244 [3] willing to support further postponement if that course is generally acceptable.

Our first reaction is that resolution suggested by you would be apt like Australian proposal regarding admission of Republican Representative to lead to open dissension which we are all agreed in wishing to avoid. We are, however, not sure of attitude of certain other members (particularly India) and feel that matter must now be left for discussion between Commonwealth delegations at Lapstone.

1 Addressed to Fraser and repeated to Chifley.

2 It conveyed the text of Document 330.

3 Document 323.

[AA:A1838, 403/2/3/8]