328 Department of External Affairs to Landale

Cablegram 124 CANBERRA, 26 November 1948


Your 181. [1]

We have also considered possibility of deferring discussion on admission of associate members until towards the end of the session. Apart, however, from the fact that it is difficult to envisage final agreement between Netherlands and Republican Governments i[n] next fortnight, we fear that any move for postponement to end of agenda might be hard to justify from point of view of logic, would probably be strenuously resisted.

We still consider that applications for associate membership from both the Netherlands (on behalf of Indonesia as a whole) and the Republic should be postponed until next session, and we interpret paragraph 2 of your telegram as meaning that Netherlands Government would not be averse to such postponement. How would Netherlands Government react to proposal that representatives of both Indonesia and Republic be admitted for this session as consultants under paragraph 3(A)(iv)? [2]

1 Document 326.

2 See note 1 to Document 322.

[AA:A1838, 403/2/3/8]