320 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K192 BATAVIA, 20 November 1948, 7 p.m.


There has been no Netherlands decision yet to resume negotiations.

On good authority I have learnt that further instructions were prepared at The Hague for Netherlands Bast Indies advisers to return to Kaliurang and continue informal negotiations but that these instructions have been withdrawn at the insistence of Stikker. It may be assumed that instructions were unsatisfactory in demanding Republic assurances regarding truce and T.N.I.

It is now rumoured that a party of Netherlands Ministers including Stikker will come to Batavia shortly.

Stikker's visit, which was opposed by authorities in Batavia, has brought no improvement on Dutch attitude here. The policy towards both Committee and Republic has stiffened in recent weeks.

[AA:A1838, 403/3/1/1, xix]