317 Noel-Baker to Australian Government

Cablegram H458 LONDON, 18 November 1948, 5.27 p.m.


My telegram 13th November H.453. [1] Indonesia.

Dutch Foreign Minister although unable to meet the Commissioner General [2] on his way through Singapore [3] left message to the following effect.

2. There seemed to be agreement between Republican leaders and Dutch Government on every point except one, viz, military command in Indonesia. The Dutch view is that United Military Forces should be under Dutch Command. At the same time it was realised that this might be politically impossible for Republican leaders to accept.

The Dutch hoped, however, that a formula might be devised which would make the proposal acceptable.

3. The Dutch Foreign Minister wished emphatic assurance to be conveyed to the Commissioner General that renewal of police action was not contemplated. He could not say that this would in all circumstances be completely out of the question, for a situation might arise in which the Dutch had no alternative. But they were not looking for such a situation.

4. The Dutch Consul-General informed the Commissioner General that the reason for Mr. Stikker's haste to get back to Holland was that he hoped things might go well enough to enable the Republic to join a Federal Government on 1st December.

1 Document 313.

2 Malcolm MacDonald.

3 Stikker and Blom left Batavia on 11 November for The Hague.

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