288 Landale to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hag 163 THE HAGUE, 27 October 1948



Second Chamber of States General has passed by the necessary two/thirds majority a bill which will empower Netherlands Government to take emergency measures in connection with the setting up of the Interim Government in Indonesia. Such measures will have to be submitted to States General within one month for ratification.

2. The Minister for Overseas Territories, SASSEN, has stated that (a) short term decisions are necessary owing to the unexpected situations which confront the government from day to day;

(b) if the draft bill for the institution of the Interim Government were submitted now this might endanger the urgently desired possibility of coming to an agreement with the Republic[an Govt].

3. A section of the press here has suggested that the Netherlands Government is acting under U.S. influence.

[AA:A8108/2, 280/1/48, i]