286 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K180 BATAVIA, 25 October 1948


Cochran returned to Batavia Friday October 22nd with Republican reply to his letter of October 14th (my K.178). Reply [1] reiterates Republican readiness to resume negotiations with Cochran's draft agreement as a basis, notes that the Dutch have also expressed willingness to resume negotiations on the same basis (K.178 Part 1) and trusts that negotiations will be resumed without delay. Republic also notes that the Dutch reply does not fully meet Republican position regarding matters mentioned in paragraph 5 of K.161 [2] and in reply to Dutch requirements (K.178 Part I paragraph 4) points to persistent efforts by Republic to maintain observance of the Truce. Republic expresses concern at extensive nature of amendments proposed by Dutch to Cochran's proposals but undertakes to 'consider all suggestions in a reasonable spirit when negotiations are resumed'. Republic is now preparing its own amendments.

2. Republican reply will be considered by the Netherlands Cabinet Wednesday.

3. Dutch are maintaining what appears to be a deliberate campaign to show that the Republic is failing to maintain the Truce. The objective could be either to avoid resumption of negotiations or justify second police action. Cochran in transmitting latest Republican reply on Friday has taken the timely step of assuring Netherlands Delegation that in his opinion Republic is sincerely endeavouring to improve the atmosphere.

4. Netherlands on Saturday issued notices to four military members of Republican Delegation that they would not be allowed in Batavia. Five other Republicans to avoid ejection were required to sign statements that they would not assist the Republic.

1 An abbreviated version of the letter from the Republican Delegation to Cochran, dated 2, October and numbered 36/K/IV, is published in Department of State, Foreign Relations of the United States, 1948, vol. VI, Washington, 1974, PP.427-8.

2 Paragraph 5 of Document 250.

[AA:A4968/2, 25/9/5]