271 Department of External Affairs to Landale [1]

Cablegram 102 CANBERRA, 9 October 1948


Your 142. [2]

We can possibly make Kirby available for a short time if agreement looks likely-in other words, if Dutch really mean to accept proposals, not only as a basis of discussion, but with an intent to reach agreement. We are not yet convinced that this is so, especially in view of Critchley's telegram [3] repeated to you yesterday. We can be expected to do our part with Republic and in any other way if we know Dutch are in earnest and will not find some objection on which to hold up final agreement. One sign of earnestness would be complete lifting of blockade before proposals are discussed. Kirby would probably insist on this.

2. In this connection, please see my immediately following telegram, which is repetition of message just received from Washington [4] and shows that United States Government is now bring[ing] real pressure to bear and is fully seized of importance of immediate economic assistance to Republican areas.

1 Officer made his farewell calls to the Netherlands Government on 8 October before leaving The Hague to take up the position of Ambassador to China. W.G.A. Landale acted as Charge d'Affaires at The Hague while J.P. Quinn, Officer's replacement, was attached to the Australian Delegation, United Nations, in Paris.

2 Document 267.

3 Document 269.

4 Document 270.

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