240 Eaton to Department of External Affairs and Critchley

Cablegrams 244, 5 BATAVIA, 15 September 1948


Schuurman this day told me the present Dutch plan for an interim Government [1] does not envisage the inclusion of the Republic which must firstly have political agreement with the Dutch.

2. The Prime Minister of East Indonesia and other members of the Bandoeng Conference left Batavia on 14th September for The Hague with their amendments to the unacceptable Dutch draft bill.

3. The British Consul-General considers there is some collusion between Bandoeng Conference States and the Republic, which may result in insistence of an acceptable plan which the Republic may join.

4. The present position of the Bandoeng Conference States should be considered most important in relation to the future of the Republic.

5. The Chinese Consul-General has approached me with regard to the Consular Commission taking some action to apprise the Security Council of the gravity of the situation on account of hardened Dutch attitude towards the Republic, and the probable serious repercussions.

1 See Document 227.

[AA:A4357/2, 48/254, V]