231 Eaton to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 231 BATAVIA, 2 September 1948


You will be aware of the demand of Republican left wing groups for the resignation of the Hatta government and the formation of a parliamentary cabinet. Excluded from the Government, the left wing groups have developed an increasingly militant and 'extremist' position in regard to both domestic and external politics, particularly since the arrival from Moscow of the Indonesian Communist Moeso, who is now reported to have taken control of S.O.B.S.I. It is also reported that the left wing organisation, the People's Democratic Front, has merged with the Communist Party. It would appear that a critical division has come about within the Republic and that an appearance of unity is only being maintained by the prestige of Sukarno and Hatta, who may take repressive measures against extremist elements. I have requested Critchley to investigate the position and advise while he is in Djokjakarta.

2. I understand from the British Consul-General that the Netherlands are dissatisfied with Critchley and are to suggest that Kirby return. Critchley left Batavia before I could discuss this with him.

3. Anak Agoeng is reported to be proceeding to The Hague with criticism of the Bandoeng Conference on the proposed Dutch Draft Bill for the Interim Government. [1]

4. Van Mook informally told me he hopes to meet Dr. Evatt at The Hague.

1 See note 3 to Document 227.

[AA:A4357/2, 48/260/1, iii]