226 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hag 107 THE HAGUE, 13 August 1948



Drees, speaking in Second Chamber yesterday, said that discussions here with the BANDOENG DELEGATION [1] had strengthened the conviction that agreement would be reached with the representatives of these territories which would lead to (a) the establishment of a truly Indonesian federal interim Government;

(b) the institution of a United States of Indonesia;

(c) the simultaneous formation of the Netherlands-Indonesian Union.

2. He then referred to disappointing relations with Republicans which he attributed to (a) non-implementation of Renville Agreement, (b) increasing number of violations of truce 'in which Republican authorities have on more than one occasion had a hand'.

3. He stressed importance of Republicans taking their place in United States of Indonesia and gave an undertaking that Netherlands would honour its obligations.

4. I regard the speech as rather disappointing but will discuss it with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister with both of whom I have appointments early next week.

1 A Delegation of the Bandung Conference had left for discussions at The Hague on 2 August carrying the resolution passed by the Heads of State Conference on 27 July (see Document 220). The Delegation included Bahrioen, Chairman of the Bandung Heads of State Conference, Ide Anak Agoeng Gde Agoeng, Premier of East Indonesia, Adil Poeradiredja, Premier of Pasundan, Abdul Malik, Chairman of the South Sumatra Advisory Council, and Sultan Hamid II of West Borneo.

[AA:A8108/2, 280/1/48, i]